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Upon arrival I explained to the attendant at the desk the reason for my visit and that this is an

ongoing worker's comp case. I completed the intake forms with the worker's comp information and I

also gave her my newly received Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance card due to being advised that if she

could not contact anyone to verify the worker's comp she would have to use my insurance. I said ok I

really need to see a doctor and get my pain medicine.

I was later called back to the front desk after sitting there with my wife and kids for roughly 20

minutes. The attendant told me she could not speak with anyone for the worker's comp verification and

that I have a $57 co-pay. I told here I did not have the co-pay. At that point I was refused treatment and

not offered the ability to mail in my co-pay.

I have never felt so discriminated and so disfigured as a citizen from this denial of medical

service. I laid in my bed all afternoon and thought what if this was a very serious illness and their

refusal resulted in my demise.

If they are not going to bill patients that can't afford the co-pay during visit, then they need to

make that a public notice. This is a facility that if an uninsured patient goes for treatment will be in bad

shape and could possibly die because they refuse treatment for something so simple as $57.

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do you go to a gas station and expect them to bill you? If all you need is $5.00 to get home, do you think the gas station is going to bill you or just give you the gas because its only $5.00 and because you can not manage your money or plan for an emergency.

Just go to the E.R. next time, they will bill you, but the cost will be about 3 to 4 times as much.

Charleston, South Carolina, United States #588390

I had a small cut on my finger that would not stop bleeding, when I say small I mean it, possibly the size of quarter inch. They stopped the bleeding, put some glue as they call it put a band aid on my finger and I was out of there in 15 minutes.

To my surprise when I got my bill they had charged me $355 dollars. When I called their billing department I was told my deductible was not met; which I understand but to try and stick my insurance company and then me for $355 for something that took 15 minutest and almost no cost was not as advertised " We are one sixth the cost of an emergency visit.

I am very disappointed and will never use them again.


We operate medical centers that are very similar to Nason Medical. If the patient complaint is exactly as presented, the Nason staff handled this correctly.

Payment at the time of service is one of the ways centers like this are able to keep their cost to a minimum. I do understand the patient view, but if you can't pay, it is not the medical center's responsibility to fund you.


In order to file workmanship comp you need approval. With out approval you will have to file your own insurance.

So that was your copy for your insurance. If you dont have insurance there is a self pay price of 125.00 office visit. In your situation you could have been billed for the rest. Two nason is not a hospital.

It's a privately owned center. I love how everyone thinks stuff is free it's not. Hospitals aren't free either you just get a bill later in the mail... At a much higher price.

So if you didn't want to follow the policy of them go else where. Workers comp is up to your company only.


You are probably just a drug seeker anyways...and I doubt they would just give you your fix


Do you go to the grocery store and expect to be billed? No, you don't, so why do you expect a doctor's office to do the same?

It's a business dude and they have a right to refuse treatment to those who refuse to pay for their services. Simple and no reason to make a complaint.

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