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The first time was 2013. I tripped over our pet, fell off the back deck & landed on my arm on a concrete patio.

Nason's took x-rays and informed me that I had 'broken off the tip of my elbow bone'. (As a side note, I came in with my own sling & when it was time to leave, the PA insisted that I take one of theirs because as he put it, 'The insurance company will pay for it anyway so why not?' Insurance would not pay $50 for the flimsy little device & neither was I!) One week after my trip to Nason's, I saw an orthopedic specialist who took another set of x-rays. The 'broken elbow tip' was actually a calcium buildup & was NOT apart of my issue. The correct diagnosis was that I had 3 fractures, one in the radial bone, wrist bone and a bone on the top of my hand.

The second time was this past July 4th weekend. I was horribly sick with fever, body aches, difficulty breathing, coughing, vomiting & upset stomach. I decided to give them one more chance. Going thru the processes of wait time, 'triage', getting chest x-rays & giving blood & urine samples was not too bad.

(As another side note - the nurse was taking blood & 'blew a vein' as she explained it. Basically my vein started bubbling under the skin so she had to remove the needle quickly. The nurse stated that 'sometimes that happens'. Strange, has NEVER happened to me before!

She then proceeds to tell me that the Doctor wants her to put a shunt in my arm 'in case you need fluids'. When I asked WHY would the doctor order this when she doesn't even know if I will need fluids, her reply was that 'the doctor ALWAYS orders a shunt be inserted when she takes blood samples.' I promptly told the nurse I refused to have a shunt inserted until I see whether or not fluids were needed. How many sealed shunt devices have been unnecessarily opened & used when not required? You can bet the insurance companies were billed for them.

Or those unlucky enough not to have insurance paid for something that was not needed!) After all samples had been given and x-rays had been taken, it was approx. 20 mins before a nurse came in and stated that everything looked okay and the doctor would be in 'shortly' to discuss. Lo & Behold........55 MINUTES later I had to walk to the front desk & demand to see the doctor. I returned to my room and no sooner had shut the door behind me, when the doctor appeared.

She claimed to have 'just' received my test results. Her diagnosis.......she was going to treat me 'as if I had bronchitis'. I asked about taking a flu test and she stated that would not be needed. Really?

You would waste a shunt kit but you won't use a cotton swab? I was sent home with an antibiotic and cough syrup. The next day I had to call back and demand that they call me in an inhaler because it still hurt to breathe. Three days later, I was in the ER hooked up to fluids and being treated for the flu.

I apologize for this long novel, but the public needs to be warned that Nason's Medical - James Island SC is run by a bunch of doctor-wanna-be's without ANY supervision from qualified professionals. If this was the last medical treatment center on earth, I would die before I step through those doors again!

Monetary Loss: $75.

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