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Upon my visit, I specifically told the PA and the nurse that I have been taking Benadryl and topical ointment (1% hydrocortisone) for 4 days with no relief of my poison oak/ivy/sumac symptoms--rash, itching. The PA asked if I had been urinating in my yard (?!) and said that she would prescribe a better and stronger creme.

She also instructed me to wash all garments and to continue using the Benadryl. To my shock, the prescription turned out to be for the same 1% variety of creme. One week later, my rash has not improved at all. In fact, there has been some spreading.

I have faithfully taking the medications, I have faithfully used the creme, I have faithfully washed all clothes and linens and towels. I have also augmented the prescribed creme with baking sodas baths and rubbing alcohol rub downs (twice per day) And in case you're wondering the answer to the PA's question is NO, I have not been urinating in my yard. What I have been doing is itching but not scratching and washing towels every single day. I have scheduled an appointment with my regular doctor for tomorrow in hopes of some form of adequate treatment.

So much for Nason. I will have to think long and hard about ever returning there.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Where was the rash?This puzzels me because why in the world would she ask if you were peeing in your yard.Maybe the rash is not poison oak but something else.Maybe you should get your self to a real could have lyme disease or something else.

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Nason doesn't employ nurses. Perhaps they should.

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